Winter Home Decor Ideas: 7 tips to deck up your space in winter – add these warm and cosy touches | Home & Kitchen News

A cosy home is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself, especially in winters. When there is a distinct nip in the air, a warm home with fluffy rugs, comfy cushions and soft blankets seems perfect. This is time to incorporate rich, textural layers and add seasonal colours to yours homes that will reflect the distinctiveness of the weather. Husain Johar, Founder and Creative Head of, gives us some essential tips to do up our winter homes. 

Fluffy carpets and rugs: Covering up your home’s floor area with soft and fluffy carpets or rugs not only makes it all the more comfy for you but also brightens up the place. Knitted rugs are another common option that will give you the warm, knitted sweater-like feeling that will make you feel better.  Also, when buying a rug, pay attention to the material, size, and thickness. These are all the main elements that affect how warm a space is or how warm your feet feel when you walk around. The larger and thicker the rug is, the greater the insulation would be.

Modify your bedding: Cotton or linen bedding works well in summer but during the chilly winter nights, it is time to switch to thick and warm velvet bedcovers. The furry ones help in giving a snug feel while catching some sleep. Throw in some soft pillows and bingo, you are all set to enjoy a cozy winter.

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Dress up the dining table: Summers demand a wooden and rustic feel to the dining table, but in winter, try out mats and other luxurious table decor items. It adds an extra dimension to the living room. Also, you can add some sitting cushions over the chairs to make them more comfortable.

Go for some cozy lighting: The winter season is all about chilly nights. But by incorporating warm, soft lighting in your home, this can be overcome. Use layering of lights to add the right warmth and coziness to your home. Table or floor lamps go a long way in creating extra cozy decor for your home. The light wood lighting will work best as a part of winter decor.

Scented candles: On dark winter days, scented candles can cheer up your mood. Go for any scent of your choice and see how the chilly evenings end up giving you a comfy feel. 

Velvet curtains: Velvet curtains have a dual advantage – they not only keep the cold air out but also ensure that the windows retain the heat inside the home.

Right colour: Winter is also about specific colours. Husain Johar says, “Although the colour is often associated with the summer, we can also celebrate colours in the winter as well. There are many lovely colors like mulberries or damsons. to inspire you if you are updating. It is trans-seasonal, taking you from Indian summer to the depths of winter and wrapping you like a warm hug.”