These 3 Akron designers are featured

Jacob Grimm, of Brothers Grimm Landscape & Design Co. in Akron,  stands in front of his "Ferris Buehler's Day Off" inspired garden that won third place at this year's Great Big Home + Garden show at the I-X Center in Cleveland/

It takes some real creativity and a bit of Hollywood movie magic to pull off the Great Big Home + Garden Show gardens.

Designers − there are eight of them this year tasked with incorporating Hollywood movies − start with a bare concrete floor at the I-X Center in Cleveland and have just under two weeks to create a blissful backyard escape.

Great Big Home + Garden Show:Five things you need to know about the Great Big Home + Garden Show at I-X Center

This means installing some ingenious sub floor and planking to hold the weight of everything from a grand pavilion to fireplaces and even a kitchen sink.