The Best Solar Lanterns For Your Garden 2023

The Best Solar Lanterns For Your Garden 2023
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Forget tangled wires and flat batteries, if you want to light up your garden this year, solar garden lanterns are a must-have. Solar lanterns come in all shapes, sizes and designs so you can opt for anything from a modern hanging solar lantern to a classic freestanding design.

We’ve picked out 13 of our favourite solar lantern lights, including year-round and all-weather designs, meaning you can enjoy solar lanterns in your garden or on your patio 365 days a year.

Do solar lanterns need batteries?

No, solar garden lanterns are charged by sunlight, so there’s no need to buy batteries. Some styles even have the option to be charged using a USB cable, so you can boost the brightness of your solar lantern on overcast days with little natural sunlight.

Can solar lanterns be left out in the rain?

Solar garden lanterns have been designed for use outside, so they’re built with all weather conditions in mind – that includes rainy days, too.

Conserve Energy Future say: ‘You can leave solar lights out in the rain, and your investment will still be safe. Solar lights have been created especially to be used outside, so it is only normal for them to experience every changing weather until their lifespan becomes expended.’

Are solar lanterns worth it?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to light up your outdoor space, then absolutely! Because they’re powered by the sun, they’ll save you money on your electricity bill, plus they don’t have any installation costs. Better still, most solar garden lanterns are easy to manoeuvre, so you can move them to suit your mood.

Do solar lights need direct sunlight?

Although sunny days and direct sunlight are best for charging a solar lantern, they can still work on cloudy days and in partially shady locations. Boston Solar explains: ‘Photovoltaic (PV) panels use particles of light, called photons, to generate electricity. Photons are present in direct and indirect sunlight, so solar panels can operate in both conditions.’

Shop our pick of the best solar lanterns for your outdoor space…

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Best Solar Lanterns – Modern Lantern

Eva Solo Solar Powered Glass Outdoor Portable Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Glass Lantern

Isobel Glass LED Solar Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Small Lantern

Small Outdoor Solar Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Hanging Lantern

Urban Outfitters

Green Moroccan Solar Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Metal Lantern

Elements Mesh Solar Lantern Tigerlily


Best Solar Lanterns – Rattan Lantern

John Lewis & Partners

Rattan Solar Powered Garden Lantern, Large, Black


Best Solar Lanterns – Modern Lantern

Annabel Teak Solar Lantern in Natural


Best Solar Lanterns – Traditional Lantern

Large Eliza Trapeze Black Solar Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Hanging Lantern

White Hanging Garden Light


Best Solar Lanterns – Metal Lantern

Elements Black Wire Solar Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Modern Lantern

Skye Solar Floor Lantern


Best Solar Lanterns – Small Lantern

Smart Solar Spiralites – 4 Pack


Best Solar Lanterns – Hanging Lantern

John Lewis & Partners

Kaemingk LED Solar Lantern, White

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