The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software of 2023

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software of 2023

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options


Remodeling is a great business; renovation contractors get to take a homeowner’s vision and turn it into reality. But it’s also fairly nuanced, and nailing down the different aspects of remodeling can be tough. In addition to the actual home design, managing customer expectations, establishing reasonable timelines, and even working in a structure while the homeowner is still living in it are factors that other industries might not have to contend with on the same level as a remodeling pro. One tool that can make some of these tasks easier and more transparent? The best home remodeling estimating software.

This guide will highlight some of the top programs designed to help home remodelers, contractors, and construction businesses estimate quickly and efficiently. These software tools may even work with other existing programs and processes to streamline the estimating procedure.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Houzz Pro
  2. RUNNER-UP: Procore
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Contractor Foreman
  4. ALSO CONSIDER: Sage Construction

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options

There is more to choosing the best home remodeling estimating software than just clicking on an ad or opening a marketer’s email. Below are some of the most important considerations that contractors and remodeling pros will want to consider before choosing an estimating program for their business. Read them carefully and keep them in mind when shopping for a program.

Pricing and Trial Period

For many remodeling contractors, pricing is a serious consideration. These programs are designed to save time and organize multiple estimates. However, for contractors who are part-time or those who only handle a couple of projects a month, it might not be worth the cost; free home remodeling estimating software might be a better fit. Should they decide that estimating software is the way to go, though, they can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $270 per month.

That might seem like a big commitment, but some companies offer free trials with their software. These trials are usually fairly generous, giving the pro up to 1 month to decide if the software makes a big enough impact in their workflow to warrant the cost.

Additional Features

Some of the best construction management software might pull double or even triple duty, offering a host of additional features. These programs can help turn an estimate into an invoice, allowing users to quickly send an electronic invoice for quick payment. The best home design software to create floor plans can also help contractors generate drawings for clients or permits, as well as workforce management that can track employee man-hours or even provide marketing assistance.

These additional features have the ability to save the contractor lots of time and frustration. However, home remodelers need to consider whether they’re worth paying for in their estimating software.

Integration With Other Software

Tracking all of those home remodeling estimating spreadsheets and documents can be tough. Most remodeling contractors use the same (or at least very similar) software tools to run their businesses, including QuickBooks, Outlook, Gmail, and more. Rather than add another program on top that can only estimate, the best home remodeling estimating tool will integrate with all of a user’s existing programs.

Also, when it comes to managing drawings, estimating software with cloud-based storage may be an option. The cloud allows the remodeler to access the drawings from anywhere, as long as they have a mobile device. This can be a big boost in efficiency and convenience.

Our Top Picks

With that background on home remodeling estimating software covered, it’s time to shop for the right program. Below are some of the top options for contractors and remodelers in the market for a new software option.

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Option Houzz Pro


Why It Made the Cut: By making the estimate process simpler, facilitating online payments, and helping users convert leads into clients, Houzz Pro’s estimating software grabbed our top spot.

Professional remodelers looking for a remodeling estimating software designed to help business grow will want to consider Houzz Pro. Contractors can use Houzz Pro’s estimate builder to create accurate estimates quickly and efficiently. They can also use the program’s built-in automation to send reminders to employees and clients, helping prevent details from slipping through the cracks and increasing potential profit.

Houzz Pro can help ensure contractors and employees are paid appropriately, helping contractors establish payment schedules and required deposits. Pros can also customize the form and document templates included to fit the needs of their business. While some reviews state that customer service can be hit or miss, the generous 1-month free trial is plenty of time for pros to decide whether the program works for them.


  • Pricing: $65 per month
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Additional features: Marketing, construction management, floor plan creation, CRM


  • Generous 1-month free trial
  • Convenient lead-management tools
  • Client invoice payment conveniently facilitated
  • Prebuilt, customizable templates


  • Reports of customer support that’s slow to respond

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Option Procore


Why It Made the Cut: Procore’s cutting-edge AI, automation, and slew of integrations make it a standout choice in the field.

The Age of AI is upon us, and Procore’s estimating software harnesses that power. Users can scan floor plans with Procore and allow the program to automatically recognize industry-standard symbols, significantly cutting down the time spent on estimating large projects. Users will also benefit from automatic estimate-to-budget conversions, turning accepted estimates into working project budgets with the click of a button.

Contractors will need to contact Procore for a quote. They’ll also want to be aware that some users note that the price is higher than that of competitors. However, no other program integrates with as many ancillary software services, allowing users to continue using their existing tools but with better efficiency. There are also plenty of additional features to consider, such as construction and workforce management as well as accounting capabilities.


  • Pricing: Custom quote required
  • Trial period: Not specified
  • Additional features: Construction management, workforce management, accounting


  • Seamless integration with over 400 software systems
  • Automatic detection tools for fast estimate creation
  • Automatic estimate-to-budget conversion


  • Reports of relatively high cost

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Option Contractor Foreman


Why It Made the Cut: For a small or budding renovation business, Contractor Foreman’s affordable price point makes it worth considering.

Smaller or newer businesses who don’t have the budget for a high-cost estimating software program will want to consider Contractor Foreman. Starting at $49 per month, this software allows these modest companies the ability to leverage their time better with top-tier estimating software. And best yet, Contractor Foreman will lock the price in for as long as the plan is active.

Contractor Foreman has plenty of additional features, such as construction management, workforce management, and accounting programs. Those with the Pro and Unlimited versions can connect Contractor Foreman and QuickBooks for easy accounting management. Pros can decide if Contractor Foreman works for them over the course of the 30-day free trial.


  • Pricing: $49 to $148 per month
  • Trial period: 30 days
  • Additional features: Construction management, workforce management, accounting


  • Generous 30-day free trial
  • Price-lock guarantee for as long as plan is active
  • Relatively affordable options available


  • Invoicing and desktop QuickBooks integration only available with Pro and Unlimited plans

The Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Option Sage Construction


Why It Made the Cut: Sage Construction’s estimating software can generate estimates from drawings, and users have access to tons of educational resources on estimating and budgets.

Folks who value automation and education might want to consider Sage Construction. This home remodeling estimating software has the ability to generate construction estimates from a variety of drawings, including 2D and 3D plans. Users can scan these items through the Sage software for quick and efficient estimates. Sage can also help with construction management tasks, workforce management, accounting, and more.

Potential Sage Construction clients will have to contact the company for a custom quote, and user reviews note that cost can be a bit high. Also, with the bevy of Sage software programs available, each with a slightly different name, knowing which one to choose can be confusing. However, along with the software, Sage customers do have access to a slew of user resources, such as education on budgeting and estimating.


  • Pricing: Custom quote required
  • Trial period: Not specified
  • Additional features: Construction management, workforce management, accounting, business management


  • Estimates built from 2D or 3D plans
  • Robust library of user resources


  • Somewhat confusing product lineup
  • Reports of relatively high cost

Our Verdict

With the ability to streamline not only the estimating process but also online payments and lead follow-up, Houzz Pro is our top choice for the best home remodeling estimating software. Procore is another standout software, as it has the ability to integrate with over 400 other programs.

How We Chose the Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software 

Choosing the best home remodeling estimating software was a serious task. For that reason, we considered the field of contracting and home remodeling to come up with some of the most important features that we felt estimating software should offer. After we knew what to look for, we performed hours of extensive research to come up with a list of software programs we thought might make the cut. We then compared them based on their prices, features, and integrations to ensure that each product offered enough value. The programs that didn’t provide enough value were tossed aside, while those that passed our scrutiny were given awards based on their strengths.

Before You Use One of the Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options

Before using estimating software, or construction management software of any type, it’s important to recognize these programs’ capabilities. Many of these programs allow users to set up custom workflows that automatically send estimates, change orders, and invoices to the people within the company that need to see them. These programs might also be able to collect electronic signatures for truly high-speed intracompany communication.

Also, when considering a home remodeling estimating software program, it’s important for contractors to understand their clients. Today’s average client is extremely well versed in all things internet. Having an estimating program that makes access, approvals, signatures, and payments easier for them could be critical for winning the trust of a modern stakeholder.

Cost of Using One of the Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options

The costs associated with the best home remodeling estimating software range quite a bit. Some companies may offer basic programs for free, while upper-tier programs may cost up to $300 or more per month. Contractors can expect to pay between $50 and $270 for a fully capable program.

Each company needs to decide for itself whether home remodeling estimating services are necessary and worth the cost. Speeding up the estimating process and automatically turning an estimate into a contract could save a significant amount of time. However, for DIYers and homeowners, free online home remodeling estimating might be a better option than a full-fledged software program.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Home Remodeling Estimating Software Options

When using a high-quality estimating software program, users can automatically generate estimates. By scanning drawings or 3D models through the tool, the program will be able to put together an accurate quote in much less time.

Most of the best home remodeling estimating software options have additional features that make construction management tasks easier to handle. They can automatically generate reports, convert estimates into proposals, and even help the contractor with marketing needs in some cases.

The more estimates a contractor creates, the harder it is to track them all. With the best estimating software, they might have the option of setting automatic follow-ups or reminder emails, allowing them to track projects more effectively.

  • High-tech estimating software can automatically scan a drawing or model and put together an estimate quickly.
  • Some software programs can help with generating reports and turning estimates into proposals—and do it more automatically.
  • These programs can help contractors keep leads and clients from falling through the cracks.


That’s a lot of information about the best home remodeling estimating software, but there may still be some questions to answer. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about home remodeling estimating software.

Q. What does a remodeling estimating software program do?

Remodeling estimating software helps contractors calculate the amount of materials a project requires, as well as the labor costs associated with completing the project.

Q. What do I look for in remodeling estimating software?

The first thing a contractor will want to consider is whether they can afford the software. After that, they can look for features such as accepting electronic payments, automated estimating from drawings or models, and accounting or project management features.

Q. Why should I invest in remodeling software?

Remodeling estimating software is designed to save the user time and produce more accurate estimates. While the up-front cost might seem significant, the time saved on mistakes and labor may pay for the software immediately.

Q. What are the 4 types of estimates?

The four main types of estimates are preliminary, detailed, quantity, and bid estimates. They vary in the amount of detail and implied accuracy.

Q. How do I make a detailed estimate?

To make a detailed estimate, the contractor must know the entire scope of the project. Then, they can list each individual phase of the project and the costs associated with it. This gives the client an itemized view of everything that needs to be done and the costs associated.

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