Decorate Kitchen Counters For Fashion And Function

Decorating your residence can be endlessly fun—and very overwhelming. Some designers know just what a place requires to deliver it to life, but for many others, decorating poses a lot more of a problem. Your to start with decorating project could be to deal with the notable places like the living room or bedroom, but let us not overlook about useful spaces like the kitchen. Little attractive touches like contemporary flowers, fruit baskets, or very countertop appliances can carry the kitchen to lifestyle. In this article are a couple of strategies on decorating your kitchen counters whilst keeping the area cleanse and functional.

The Golden Rule: Steer clear of Clutter

Image: Karyn Millet

When decorating the kitchen, it’s vital to think about functionality. The last issue you want is to litter your counters with décor, leaving no place for cooking. When it comes to kitchen décor, a lot less is more—edit carefully and eliminate merchandise that really do not serve a goal on your countertop. There are, on the other hand, some ornamental aspects to convey a trendy flair to your kitchen area counters. In this article are a several structure ideas to make your kitchen area counters as quite as they are realistic.

Go The Normal Route

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In the kitchen, really don’t get too fussy with décor. As a substitute, exhibit off the components that you retain stocked at all periods. A stunning fruit basket tends to make a natural—not to point out functional—decorative ingredient for your kitchen. We appreciate multi-tiered fruit bowls, which include peak to the countertop, but a simple wooden bowl does just fantastic. Decide for purely natural resources like seagrass for a breezy coastal appear.

Bouquets, Bouquets, Flowers


Continue to keep a vase of fresh bouquets in each space of the house—the kitchen area is no exception. Decide for extraordinary coastal greenery, like a fanned palmetto leaf, to make a kitchen area centerpiece. Pro suggestion: If you do not want to get worried about maintaining bouquets clean, decide for a vase of dried blooms.

Show Off All those Gorgeous Bakes

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If your property has a resident baker, make the sweets the star of the clearly show. That pretty pound cake will search excellent on your countertop, it’s possible even beneath a glass cloche. Produce layers on your countertop with a cake stand and continue to keep it stocked with a quite cake or pie, or opt for a wicker bread basket to stash baguettes from the local bakery.

Break Out The China

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Never maintain your precious china locked away in a cupboard. Showcase your preferred parts of chinoiserie as countertop décor. Mixing cherished hand-me-downs with present day appliances creates charming, classic-inspired charm for your kitchen area.

Sleek Storage


According to interior designers, intelligent storage solutions are on pattern. If you’re brief on cabinet area, make use of your counter tops. Develop a smooth, cohesive style and design by storing olive oil in a elegant cruet and decanting elements like flour, sugar, and even treats like cereal into adorable containers—check out our collection of chinoiserie canisters, readily available at Dillard’s.

Cost at time of publishing: $20-$64

Operate And Trend

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If you’re brief on space, sure appliances (like a toaster or coffee maker) in all probability assert a everlasting place on your counter—but that does not suggest they want to be eyesores. Ditch the basic toaster you’ve owned for years in favor of a charming design—matching the coloration to the other kitchen area things. Your burner range is portion of your kitchen area countertop, so take care of it as these types of. Use the stovetop to demonstrate off your prettiest teapot.

It is All In The Aspects

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When decorating, facts make all the variation. Incorporate a pop of shade with a decorative spoon relaxation. Hold it movin’ with a lazy Susan—This kitchen staple spins to aid anyone at the table reach what they will need and seems wonderful. Bar cart? Neglect about it—we’re making a bar corner ideal on the countertop. Showcase your crystal glasses, modern decanter, and classiest liquor bottles.