Ask Eli: 2,491 agents sold real estate in Arlington last year

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Dilemma: How numerous distinctive real estate agents are there doing business enterprise in Arlington?

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Reply: There were 2,795 serious estate transactions in Arlington previous calendar year, totaling $2.264B in product sales quantity. This is down from in excess of 3,500 transactions in 2021 that totaled $2.786B in product sales quantity, but pretty comparable to the 2019 and 2020 quantities.

There were being 2,491 licensed actual estate agents associated in at minimum 1 sale in Arlington in 2022. Each transaction ordinarily involves two real estate agents — 1 representing the consumer and another symbolizing the seller.

I appeared more than the 2022 Arlington transaction data and pulled out some appealing highlights down below. Of take note, there are numerous genuine estate teams that enter all product sales beneath a person agent’s identify, so in these instances, individual figures symbolize the creation of lots of brokers rolled into a person agent’s name, but I really don’t have transparency into that facts. Here’s a website link to an post I wrote in 2019 outlining how various brokers/teams are structured.

  • 63{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} of brokers who did enterprise previous calendar year in Arlington experienced just 1 sale in Arlington (quite a few of all those had far more revenue outdoors of Arlington) and accounted for 24.4{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} of the overall profits volume
  • 6{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} (65) of agents dealt with 10+ transactions in Arlington
  • 36{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} (9) of brokers managed 20+ transactions in Arlington
  • 1,666 different agents represented buyers, 66 (4{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d}) represented 5+ purchasers
  • 1,379 different agents represented sellers, 115 (8.3{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d}) represented 5+ sellers
  • The top rated 20{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} making agents in Arlington accounted for 61{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} of product sales volume
  • Keri Shull and her crew once once more led Arlington in total transaction and profits quantity, representing 2.7{9104a15e8d43cffaa82b7b4c643401a24474a83108be38dc3b050cba43a4940d} of purchasers and sellers in Arlington and just in excess of $94M in full gross sales volume, but for the first time I can recall, we have new leaders in the listing group, with Betsy Twigg primary listing income quantity at $46.5M and Kay Houghton primary listing transactions at 58
  • The optimum common sale rate with at the very least four transactions in Arlington is Julie Zelaska at a lot more than $2.16M per sale
*Chart does not include interior profits agents

Most research recommend that customers are considerably less involved with actions like gross sales quantity and additional targeted on the toughness of communication and trustworthiness of the agent they’re doing the job with, but market experience and practical experience are nevertheless vital elements for most men and women.

Lots of people today see the minimal barrier to entry for true estate licensing, and the ensuing high volume of agents, as a unfavorable, but it also means that you have a whole lot of possibilities as a shopper and, with some effort, can make guaranteed that you’re performing with somebody who offers the variety of assistance you are seeking for and the expertise to match.

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Online video summaries of some articles or blog posts can be found on YouTube on the Eli Household channel.

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