12 Camper Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Nothing says adventure like hitting the open road in your camper. Have you updated the decor since you brought your camper home? You might be overdue for a style refresh. Whether you have a camper van, travel trailer, or RV, there are always style elements you can add or change to make your camper feel more like home.

When you’re cooking, waiting out a rainshower, or winding down for bed, the amount of time you spend inside your camper adds up. To make the space more inviting, consider adding some budget-friendly camper decor to make your home on wheels reflect your style.

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1. Add peel-and-stick wallpaper


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An easy way to make a big impact inside your small camper is peel-and-stick wallpaper or backsplash. Peel-and-stick allows you to overhaul a significant portion of your space with basic tools and minimal time.

Try a modern backsplash, like this Art3d peel-and-stick kitchen tile at Amazon, or a fun patterned wallpaper, like this bright green and blue Opalhouse™ leaves wallpaper at Target. If your tastes change, peel away the old and update it with a new design as often as you like.

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2. Change the cushions


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The fabric cushions that came with your camper may leave much to be desired. A budget-friendly way to improve your camper decor is to change the cushions. Not handy with a sewing machine? No problem. Follow the instructions in Married to a Mowry’s DIY Cushion Guide and change up the back cushions in your camper.

If you have a smaller camper, change the appearance of your throw pillows with a new cover, like this pink cactus pillow cover by WobblegobDesign at Etsy. This little trick makes an enormous impact with almost no effort.

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3. Paint the cabinets


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Your trailer’s cabinets are an excellent opportunity to change the aesthetic. A great joy of adding some fresh color in such a small area is that very little paint is required.

Before diving into this DIY project, select the correct type of paint for your cabinet material, as it gives you better results by properly adhering to the cabinets. Pick a color you enjoy—white can brighten the space, but bold colors can add individuality. Prep the surface and get to work.

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4. Replace dated hardware


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Even the tiny details can change camper decor. You can replace virtually any door handle, cabinet knob, or towel bar. If these features are older, they can really date your camper.

Hardware needs to be functional and fashionable, and many excellent options exist. If you come across hardware you like but the color isn’t quite right, consider spray painting it to complement your camper’s aesthetic.

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5. Upgrade your bedding

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Changing your bedding and cozy camper throws makes a dramatic difference as these textiles add big blocks of color or patterns to your decor. Many camper enthusiasts appreciate this style upgrade because it lets you switch things up without a permanent change. As soon as the bedding no longer interests you, you can swap it out as often as you like.

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6. Decorate your walls


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Who says you can only hang art and photos at home? Bring your favorite memories and artwork with you on the road. Thumbtacks, Command hooks, and Velcro are temporary methods to hang decor—just ensure that the method you choose will support the weight of your framework. Wall hangings don’t apply to framed mementos exclusively; you can hang garlands, whiteboards, string lights, tapestries, and more.

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7. Change the appearance of your countertops

Amazon camper decor countertop contact paper

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Serious DIYers may want to overhaul their entire countertop and kitchen area—which can become expensive. Instead, opt for a less permanent method of changing your counters with a peel-and-stick countertop cover, like this white granite countertop paper at Amazon. However, this approach may not be the right choice for you. In that case, a more durable and longer-lasting option can be painting your countertops to refresh the space and create a completely different look.

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8. Bring in some plants

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Plants can help liven up your camper decor. Choosing the right plants may require a little research to select plants that will thrive in your camper.

You will have to consider how to keep your plants secure during transit, whether you have them in plant hangers, store them in the sink, or find another safe place to keep them out of harm’s way when you’re driving between destinations.

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9. Buy or make a sink cover

Etsy camper decor wooden sink cover

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Usually, campers have small kitchens with very little space. A sink cover extends the counter space in your camper’s kitchen, offering more room to prep and plate meals. If you’re handy, it’s easy to create a simple sink cover with wood, stain, and hardware; otherwise, you can purchase one, like this wood customized sink cover by whetstonecustom at Etsy.

10. Select beautiful everyday items

Etsy camper decor mountain key holder

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When picking up items you need for your camper, opt for some that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Using daily items as decor prevents clutter and adds to your camper’s unique style.

Examples include ditching the boring white dishes and stocking your kitchen with artisanal bowls, like these Turkish ceramic bowls by GrandBazaarShopping3 at Etsy, or displaying a meaningful item while adding extra organization with a small shelf, like this mountain shelf key holder by DesignedByTaylorCa at Etsy.

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11. Personalize with vinyl decals

Etsy camper decor welcome to our camper decal on camper

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Vinyl decals are highly customizable; you can easily place and remove them around your camper based on your style. If you have a favorite quote or want to add your family name on the door or wall of your camper, vinyl stickers, like this Welcome to Our Camper personalized decal by DefinedDecals at Etsy, are a must.

Many highly talented creators have decals you can purchase. Otherwise, if you or someone you know has a cutting machine (like a Cricut or Silhouette), you can get crafty and make a unique decal.

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12. Add a rug

You will be floored by the difference a rug makes to your home on wheels. A rug makes a camper feel homey by adding warmth, comfort, and softness. As a bonus, a rug can help protect your floors and prevent people from tracking in dirt, sand, and more.

There are many small rugs to choose from across several price points. Pick one that best fits your space and camper decor without making a large impact on your budget. A washable rug, like this Damali black and white rug at Ruggable, will help you.